Gift flight FAQs

We can fly any route you like within the time limit or if you want you can pay a bit more for a longer flight. 

We post by 1st class, normally next day delivery. All vouchers are posted in plain envelopes (in case they're a surprise).


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I have been given a voucher for a flight with Kernan Aviation, what do I do now?

Excellent news! You are in for an exciting, unforgettable experience! All you have to do now is contact the telephone number on the front of the voucher and arrange a date and time to suit yourself.

If you need a specific date please contact us as soon as possible or if weekends suit you best then try to give us a few weeks notice because as you can appreciate weekends are very popular.

If the weather is not suitable on the day you have booked your flight don't worry, we can reschedule your flight for another day to suit you.


When you arrive for your flight, after a warm welcome you will be given a pre-flight safety briefing by Raphael or one of our Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved instructors. During the flight above beautiful mid-Ulster, there will be an opportunity to fly the aircraft for yourself and find out what it's really like to be in control of this beautiful aircraft in flight.

Be sure to bring a camera to capture the spectacular views and to make the most of this exhilarating experience.


Refunds can be made within 7 days of booking. Vouchers are valid for 9 months from the date of purchase.


Maximum weight 16 stones. Wear sensible warm clothing and bring family and friends but they must observe the safety rules of the airfield.

What is a microlight?

A microlight is a powered aircraft build within the following definition - maximum all up weight allowable 450 kgs for a two seat aircraft, 330 kgs for a single seat aircraft. Maximum wing loading of 25 kgs per square metre or able to sustain flight at a minimum speed of 40 mph.

How fast do microlights fly?

Most microlights fly at speeds between 60 and 70 mph but the newer designs of fixed wing microlights fly at similar speeds as light aircraft up to 150mph in some cases.

What type of aircraft will I be flying in?

Here at Kernan Aviation we use the German built Ikarus C42 when flying all gift vouchers. This is a top of the range microlight which is known as the BMW of the skies.

This aircraft is fully enclosed and is equipped with a heater so that even on the coldest day you can come for your flight dressed in normal attire. You really will have an experience to remember! Don't forget your camera or camcorder!

Is Microlight Flying Safe?

Microlight flying is no more dangerous than driving, horse riding, swimming, etc – we would much prefer to fly than drive. All our aircraft are built by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved companies to a very high airworthiness standards and undergo a very rigorous annual MOT-like inspection by CAA approved inspectors.

All our gift vouchers flights are flown by our microlight instructors who are highly trained professionals who must revalidate their ratings every two years, therefore you are in the safest possible hands.

What happens if the engine stops?

It goes nice and quiet! The microlight converts to a glider and gently glides to a perfect landing. Our instructors are trained in how to handle such a situation. Engines nowadays are mostly 4-stroke and built especially for aircraft and are very reliable indeed, most manufacturers now use 4-stroke as the preferred option.

Is it possible to fly in winter?

Yes, In fact some of the best flying weather is during the winter with crystal clear days and no thermals. The cold is not normally a problem as all our aircraft are fully enclosed and the Ikarus C42 has a heater fitted to keep you nice and warm.

Do I need any to bring any extra layers of clothing?

Absolutely not! Our Ikarus C42's have a heater and are fully enclosed therefore no extra clothing is required, just your normal seasonal attire.


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Training packages

If you wish to continue with flight training Kernan Aviation see our pilot training information. We can offer you 5 or 10 hour packages, just ring 02838 841492 to discuss.